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February 2018

The second month into 2018 and we are now getting ready for our half-term rush.

We have finished cleaning and prepping our chalets for the second rush into the new year.  It is nice again to have the cattery full and meeting our lovely cats and seeing there gorgeous faces everyday.

It is also a chilly time of year so I advise if your cat loves to go out like our resident cattery cats, Dennis and Alfie then try and make sure you have bought them in before bedtime.  A good option is to delay there last feed so they do not wander too far and then when you feed them try and keep them inside.  I know this is easier said than done.

If they do stay out at night, then make sure they have somewhere they can go into for cover and protection if need be. I saw something on YouTube about making an insulated cat hideout or any small pet for that matter using a polystyrene large box and blankets.  It was extremely clever, so effective and so cheap to do.

Keep warm and safe.

Take care of you and your pet.

January 2018

A new year…….2018 is here and I do hope all your wildest dreams come true!!

We still have a cattery full of cats and it is such a busy time for us.  Mid January the cats start slowly filtering out.  It is such a busy time for us and I do love a good, deep spring clean after a busy period! So lots of cleaning on our to-do lists will be carried out. I’m not going to lie I love cleaning and making our chalets look lovely and fresh for our furry friends.

I find it is also a time to reflect on work and life too. Ways which I can improve as a person, a boss for my staff which follows onto our pussycats too and what I can do for them, I’m always looking at ways of improving the business and what I can do more off for the cats and my staff. You must make sure your team are happy as it will follow on through your workforce.  I’m always looking at ways I can improve the cattery facilities and what I can do to make that small difference.  It is so important.

This year I am not building anymore chalets, I want to focus on my existing ones and given them a bit more life and love, improving quality not quantity.

I hope you all have some big dreams and targets you want to aim for. With a bit of hard work and positive thinking anything can become possible. It is just believing………

Take care of you and your pets.

December 2017

Christmas is here yet again.  We love this time of year, it is busy time with the cats in and out and everyone is just merry, merry, merry.

We love seeing our regular cats again and meeting our new furry faces.  We have some long-term guests that are staying with us at the moment so we have bought them Christmas presents for the big day.  I will be cooking our usual turkey for our guests to enjoy on 25th December and lets hope it turns out delicious. (Last year it was actually better than the one I cooked for our family on Christmas day..no joke).

One of our staff members gets busy donating blankets, food and toys to the cat charities which is just fabulous and such a lovely kind thing to do. People can get so caught up in new kittens, new puppies for Christmas but there are so many abandoned animals at cat rescue centres who need a loving family home.  I always try and encourage people to visit these first.

I hope you have bought your cat their Christmas present, there are such lovely gifts, big or small but just lovely.

As always please just be aware of food being left out and your cat having access to this.  Many food products, especially those at Christmas are poisonous and far too rich for your cat – if you feel your cat has eaten anything they are not supposed to take them to the vets immediately.

The same goes for decorations too – tinsel is so much fun to kittens but so dangerous if ingested. A vet visit must be made if your cat has done this.

I hope you enjoy this festive time with your family and pets.

Take care of you and your pets.

November 2017

Time flies as they say when your having fun!

I have never known time to fly as quickly as when I am at the cattery working and looking after the cats, the same goes for all the wonderful staff we have at the cattery.

With Christmas only a month away we are always looking ahead and organising- making sure we are heading in the right direction and our cats leaving healthy and happy.

November is a time for prepping and getting ready for yet another busy time but it also a time where we celebrate fireworks night.  As much as it a excitable time for families it also a time where pets are scared and wondering what IS going on!

You need to make sure they feel safe and secure, making sure they have a hidden area, a box or something where they can feel safe.  Make sure you make the area as sound proof as possible, windows closed, door closed, blankets so they are hide underneath.  Make sure they have food and drink at all times.  A litter tray to hand also.

If your cat is extremely nervous then calming sprays can be used or plug-in’s such as feliway which can be plugged in a few hours before darkness falls.  Make sure you check on your pet regularly or if you can stay with your pet whilst the fireworks are going off.

Thank you for taking time to read our blog.

Take care of you and your pet.

October 2017

The weather is slowly getting a little chillier and mornings a little darker.  To be honest I am not ready for the winter to come – it is a time where we and the cats have to keep warm. I’m still on the lookout 10 years later I must add for some warm footwear – I never seem to get this right!!

Our heated beds are already on and the extra fluffy fleece blankets out.  All our hooded beds are clean and stored away ready to go.  We also have a large stock of covered hot water bottles which we sometimes use with our pussycats to keep them extra warm and cosy.

October is also the ‘HALLOWEEN’ period which can be very exciting for young families, and adults but a frightful one for our lovely pussycats.  Even if your cat loves outdoors always bring them indoors during this time.  You never know who will try and pull a ‘trick’ and to what extent they will go to. To be honest it angers me even having to write this but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Our Halloween sweets will be out very shortly although I try to delay this slightly as if they are not eating by our customers we end up eating them!!

Make sure to keep your pet safe during this time, lots of people, loud noises and scary masks are not a nice thing for a cat to endure.

Take care of you and your pet.


September 2017


What a Summer, a very busy Summer indeed and one where as always we have looked at ways of improving our Cattery to make special time for the cats and behind closed doors at Silverhill Cattery one where we can be as organised as can be.

Every Summer we come away and have staff meetings and work out where we can improve and make our operations run more smoothly. Sometimes it really is the simplest of things but can really help what we do at the Cattery.

The Deluxe chalets are hit with the customers and are absolutely lovely, we are all very proud of them and I think the cats especially – love having the idea of only 3 deluxe chalets in the building making it very peaceful and home from home and are thoroughly enjoying the window sill views onto the garden.

We are focusing the next few months on trying to decorate and brighten up our indoor cattery area. Painting work has started already, slowly but surely we are getting there with this.

I hope you are your cats have had a lovely Summer – with your cat enjoying the sunshine and wildlife.

Look after you and your pets.

August 2017

We are in full flow into the Summer period and I love having all the cats at the cattery. We have so many personalities, colours, sizes, breeds, souls in the cattery and it such a breathe of fresh air coming into the cattery and being greeted by all our furry friends.

We have the new chalets active & we are focusing on making sure all the cats are happy and settled, as well as trying to keep up with social media for our customers.

Prior to dropping your cat off make sure you have your bits and pieces for your cat organised and with their name on, your cattery should be labelling up all of your cats items but it can also help them to reduce check in time when you drop your cat off.

If you are away and worrying about your cat, check beforehand that you can email once in a while to make sure everything is ok – if you can email and get a response back it will put your mind at ease so you can start to unwind on your break.

Take care of you and your pet.

July 2017

The new ‘deluxe chalets’ have been unveiled and are all up and working with pussycats in them.  I am so proud of them and of all the staff and people who have helped make this happen. So far so good with the pussycats they seem to love the privacy and relaxing vibe and exploring the tall cat towers in them. Also enjoying sitting up high on the shelves peering out of their windows.

We are now in full flow of our Summer season and its Cats, cats, cats at the moment. Its lovely to see some regulars back and see their lovely faces again and it so exciting to meet new faces and help settle them into their holiday.

Summer is also a time of being extremely organised and thorough behind the scenes to make sure we work to the high standards we adhere too!

We have now set up our shop in the office selling some beautiful or course cat related items for yourself or your cat.  If you fancy spoiling yourself or your cat pop by during our opening hours and take a look.

I hope you have everything ready for your cat if you are taking them to a cattery, please take a look at our ‘checklist’ it is a good bit of text to read to ensure you have everything covered for your cats stay.

If you do have any last minute questions always call or email your cattery a few days before drop off just to give you that bit of reassurance which you may need.

Take Care of you and your pet.

June 2017

Wow what a month coming up!!

I am busy prepping the last minute bits for the arrival of our new ‘deluxe chalets’ at Silverhill Cattery.  I have been choosing pictures for the walls and finally chosen an array of birds which is lovely and so fitting in the ‘deluxe chalets’.  With the help of Mum on board our famous Cat wallpaper has been pasted down the corridor leading to the 3 new chalets as well as a feature wall in the office area.

We have so many cats due in over the Summer period and I really want it looking beautiful for them. I have started to redecorate the inside chalets and have chosen some lovely goldfish pictures which I hope the cats will like (paws crossed).

It is also a time where we need to make sure all the cats are having quality time with us so I go back to staff members who have worked for the cattery before to come on board to ensure this is covered.

It may also be a time for a cats to board which have never been to a cattery so I know it can be a very overwhelming experience for both the cat and their owner.  I always encourage first timers to look around the cattery, make sure it has the right feel, accommodation, staff and facilities that are right for your cat.  It is also good to write down on a bit of paper what your cat love and does not love that way staff are a few steps ahead of building that trusting relationship with your cat.

If your cat does not travel well try and place good quality catnip in the carrier or on a top of yours or the cats own blanket and place inside.  A towel or blanket placed over the top of the carrier can also help in reducing stress.

Take Care of you and your pet.



May 2017

May 2017

We have such exciting news at the cattery!!

We have all been working so hard, painting, varnishing, adding new products for the cats and the most exciting part of this is the ‘New chalets’ we are yet to reveal! 3 new chalets our to become part of Silverhill Cattery and im really hoping the cats will love them as much as we do.

I am planning on bringing ‘Silverhill Pets’ shop into the office at Silverhill Cattery to enable everything to be under one roof and give our customers the chance to browse through our beautiful products whilst dropping off or collecting their cats. Our stunning cat wallpaper is to be revealed this week 🙂

We have also amended our opening hours to enable us to spend more quality time with our furry feline friends which is such a great step and spend extra time with the cats that are a little timid.

Our new website, provided by the amazing Gold Nugget designs, www.goldnuggetdesigns.co.uk is due to go live in a week, which I cannot wait to show all my customers.

Our new business cards have also arrived and our on display in the Cattery office.

We are prepping for the pre-summer rush and getting the cattery chalets spic and span for our lovely pussycats.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Take care of you and your pets.