November 2017

Time flies as they say when your having fun!

I have never known time to fly as quickly as when I am at the cattery working and looking after the cats, the same goes for all the wonderful staff we have at the cattery.

With Christmas only a month away we are always looking ahead and organising- making sure we are heading in the right direction and our cats leaving healthy and happy.

November is a time for prepping and getting ready for yet another busy time but it also a time where we celebrate fireworks night.  As much as it a excitable time for families it also a time where pets are scared and wondering what IS going on!

You need to make sure they feel safe and secure, making sure they have a hidden area, a box or something where they can feel safe.  Make sure you make the area as sound proof as possible, windows closed, door closed, blankets so they are hide underneath.  Make sure they have food and drink at all times.  A litter tray to hand also.

If your cat is extremely nervous then calming sprays can be used or plug-in’s such as feliway which can be plugged in a few hours before darkness falls.  Make sure you check on your pet regularly or if you can stay with your pet whilst the fireworks are going off.

Thank you for taking time to read our blog.

Take care of you and your pet.

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