January 2018

A new year…….2018 is here and I do hope all your wildest dreams come true!!

We still have a cattery full of cats and it is such a busy time for us.  Mid January the cats start slowly filtering out.  It is such a busy time for us and I do love a good, deep spring clean after a busy period! So lots of cleaning on our to-do lists will be carried out. I’m not going to lie I love cleaning and making our chalets look lovely and fresh for our furry friends.

I find it is also a time to reflect on work and life too. Ways which I can improve as a person, a boss for my staff which follows onto our pussycats too and what I can do for them, I’m always looking at ways of improving the business and what I can do more off for the cats and my staff. You must make sure your team are happy as it will follow on through your workforce.  I’m always looking at ways I can improve the cattery facilities and what I can do to make that small difference.  It is so important.

This year I am not building anymore chalets, I want to focus on my existing ones and given them a bit more life and love, improving quality not quantity.

I hope you all have some big dreams and targets you want to aim for. With a bit of hard work and positive thinking anything can become possible. It is just believing………

Take care of you and your pets.

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