February 2018

The second month into 2018 and we are now getting ready for our half-term rush.

We have finished cleaning and prepping our chalets for the second rush into the new year.  It is nice again to have the cattery full and meeting our lovely cats and seeing there gorgeous faces everyday.

It is also a chilly time of year so I advise if your cat loves to go out like our resident cattery cats, Dennis and Alfie then try and make sure you have bought them in before bedtime.  A good option is to delay there last feed so they do not wander too far and then when you feed them try and keep them inside.  I know this is easier said than done.

If they do stay out at night, then make sure they have somewhere they can go into for cover and protection if need be. I saw something on YouTube about making an insulated cat hideout or any small pet for that matter using a polystyrene large box and blankets.  It was extremely clever, so effective and so cheap to do.

Keep warm and safe.

Take care of you and your pet.

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