September 2017


What a Summer, a very busy Summer indeed and one where as always we have looked at ways of improving our Cattery to make special time for the cats and behind closed doors at Silverhill Cattery one where we can be as organised as can be.

Every Summer we come away and have staff meetings and work out where we can improve and make our operations run more smoothly. Sometimes it really is the simplest of things but can really help what we do at the Cattery.

The Deluxe chalets are hit with the customers and are absolutely lovely, we are all very proud of them and I think the cats especially – love having the idea of only 3 deluxe chalets in the building making it very peaceful and home from home and are thoroughly enjoying the window sill views onto the garden.

We are focusing the next few months on trying to decorate and brighten up our indoor cattery area. Painting work has started already, slowly but surely we are getting there with this.

I hope you are your cats have had a lovely Summer – with your cat enjoying the sunshine and wildlife.

Look after you and your pets.

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