October 2017

The weather is slowly getting a little chillier and mornings a little darker.  To be honest I am not ready for the winter to come – it is a time where we and the cats have to keep warm. I’m still on the lookout 10 years later I must add for some warm footwear – I never seem to get this right!!

Our heated beds are already on and the extra fluffy fleece blankets out.  All our hooded beds are clean and stored away ready to go.  We also have a large stock of covered hot water bottles which we sometimes use with our pussycats to keep them extra warm and cosy.

October is also the ‘HALLOWEEN’ period which can be very exciting for young families, and adults but a frightful one for our lovely pussycats.  Even if your cat loves outdoors always bring them indoors during this time.  You never know who will try and pull a ‘trick’ and to what extent they will go to. To be honest it angers me even having to write this but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Our Halloween sweets will be out very shortly although I try to delay this slightly as if they are not eating by our customers we end up eating them!!

Make sure to keep your pet safe during this time, lots of people, loud noises and scary masks are not a nice thing for a cat to endure.

Take care of you and your pet.


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