July 2017

The new ‘deluxe chalets’ have been unveiled and are all up and working with pussycats in them.  I am so proud of them and of all the staff and people who have helped make this happen. So far so good with the pussycats they seem to love the privacy and relaxing vibe and exploring the tall cat towers in them. Also enjoying sitting up high on the shelves peering out of their windows.

We are now in full flow of our Summer season and its Cats, cats, cats at the moment. Its lovely to see some regulars back and see their lovely faces again and it so exciting to meet new faces and help settle them into their holiday.

Summer is also a time of being extremely organised and thorough behind the scenes to make sure we work to the high standards we adhere too!

We have now set up our shop in the office selling some beautiful or course cat related items for yourself or your cat.  If you fancy spoiling yourself or your cat pop by during our opening hours and take a look.

I hope you have everything ready for your cat if you are taking them to a cattery, please take a look at our ‘checklist’ it is a good bit of text to read to ensure you have everything covered for your cats stay.

If you do have any last minute questions always call or email your cattery a few days before drop off just to give you that bit of reassurance which you may need.

Take Care of you and your pet.

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