August 2017

We are in full flow into the Summer period and I love having all the cats at the cattery. We have so many personalities, colours, sizes, breeds, souls in the cattery and it such a breathe of fresh air coming into the cattery and being greeted by all our furry friends.

We have the new chalets active & we are focusing on making sure all the cats are happy and settled, as well as trying to keep up with social media for our customers.

Prior to dropping your cat off make sure you have your bits and pieces for your cat organised and with their name on, your cattery should be labelling up all of your cats items but it can also help them to reduce check in time when you drop your cat off.

If you are away and worrying about your cat, check beforehand that you can email once in a while to make sure everything is ok – if you can email and get a response back it will put your mind at ease so you can start to unwind on your break.

Take care of you and your pet.

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