March 2017

The daffodils are out in full force around the cattery and it so lovely to see the bright colour yellow shining on us.

The weather is warmer and days are lighter and I just love this time of year.

We are preparing for our next huge influx of pussycats over the Easter period and have been scrubbing…..and I mean scrubbing the chalets getting them all squeaky clean and looking lovely for the guests due.

We have got a few long term cats in – ranging from a large tabby cat, a gentle giant and the energetic Bengal Kitten who eats like a horse! They are both such a breathe of fresh air and it is so lovely to see their faces day in day our!

We have a lot of newcomers to the cattery including our gentle but shy Bax, our lovely Brit Blue Luna, Pickles and Gonzo to name a few.

We are full for August now and April is not too far off from being full too so we have a very busy few months ahead, prepping and organising.

Thank you for taken the time to read the blog.

From all at Silverhill Cattery.

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