December 2017

Christmas is here yet again.  We love this time of year, it is busy time with the cats in and out and everyone is just merry, merry, merry.

We love seeing our regular cats again and meeting our new furry faces.  We have some long-term guests that are staying with us at the moment so we have bought them Christmas presents for the big day.  I will be cooking our usual turkey for our guests to enjoy on 25th December and lets hope it turns out delicious. (Last year it was actually better than the one I cooked for our family on Christmas joke).

One of our staff members gets busy donating blankets, food and toys to the cat charities which is just fabulous and such a lovely kind thing to do. People can get so caught up in new kittens, new puppies for Christmas but there are so many abandoned animals at cat rescue centres who need a loving family home.  I always try and encourage people to visit these first.

I hope you have bought your cat their Christmas present, there are such lovely gifts, big or small but just lovely.

As always please just be aware of food being left out and your cat having access to this.  Many food products, especially those at Christmas are poisonous and far too rich for your cat – if you feel your cat has eaten anything they are not supposed to take them to the vets immediately.

The same goes for decorations too – tinsel is so much fun to kittens but so dangerous if ingested. A vet visit must be made if your cat has done this.

I hope you enjoy this festive time with your family and pets.

Take care of you and your pets.

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