June 2017

Wow what a month coming up!!

I am busy prepping the last minute bits for the arrival of our new ‘deluxe chalets’ at Silverhill Cattery.  I have been choosing pictures for the walls and finally chosen an array of birds which is lovely and so fitting in the ‘deluxe chalets’.  With the help of Mum on board our famous Cat wallpaper has been pasted down the corridor leading to the 3 new chalets as well as a feature wall in the office area.

We have so many cats due in over the Summer period and I really want it looking beautiful for them. I have started to redecorate the inside chalets and have chosen some lovely goldfish pictures which I hope the cats will like (paws crossed).

It is also a time where we need to make sure all the cats are having quality time with us so I go back to staff members who have worked for the cattery before to come on board to ensure this is covered.

It may also be a time for a cats to board which have never been to a cattery so I know it can be a very overwhelming experience for both the cat and their owner.  I always encourage first timers to look around the cattery, make sure it has the right feel, accommodation, staff and facilities that are right for your cat.  It is also good to write down on a bit of paper what your cat love and does not love that way staff are a few steps ahead of building that trusting relationship with your cat.

If your cat does not travel well try and place good quality catnip in the carrier or on a top of yours or the cats own blanket and place inside.  A towel or blanket placed over the top of the carrier can also help in reducing stress.

Take Care of you and your pet.



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